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Area of Interest​

Topics of Interest include, but are not limited to:

Track 1

Power Electronics, Energy Efficient drives and Electrical Vehicles 

  • Modeling Control of AC/DC converters 
  • Electric motor Drives  
  • Vehicular Power Electronic Circuits and Charging Systems 
Track 2

Robotics, Intelligent Control, Instrumentation and Automation 

  • Robot Design, Development and Control 
  • Fuzzy Logic Control 
  • Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms 
  • Vehicle Control Applications 
  • System Identification 
  • Intelligent Multi-agent Control Systems 
  • Reinforcement learning, deep learning based control of robots 
Track 3

 Smart Grids and Power Quality 

  • Modeling, Control and Integration of Multiple Energy Sources
  • Smart Grids and Microgrids 
  • IoT Applications in Power System 
  • Quantification and Estimation of Disturbances in Transmission and Distribution Networks, Converters and Control for Improving Power Quality 
Track 4

Power, Renewable Energy system and Energy Storage Systems 

  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) 
  • Energy Efficient Buildings  
  • Energy Forecasting Techniques 
  • Energy policies & Standards 
  • Battery Energy Management System 
  • Resilient Power Systems 
  • Sustainable Technologies 
Track 5

 Next Generation Communication, VLSI and Microelectronics 

  • Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning 
  • Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, 5G Communication systems and Embedded Systems 
  • Circuits and Systems 
  • Electronic Packaging 
  • Communication and Control 
  • Wireless Energy Harvesting Systems 
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